La Salette Philosophy of Education


La Salette education is an on-going process of growth in freedom and in fullness of being prepared for, lived and experienced by the entire school community, realized in the reconciliation and integration of Filipino cultural values and those of Jesus Christ who came “so that they may have life and have it to the full.” John 10:10


A community living in freedom and in fullness of being, fully reconciled with self, others, nature and God.


The University of La Salette, an institution of higher learning, pledges to provide a culture of excellence that permeates in the community of mature Christian responsive to socio-economic, cultural, and political concerns of the times, globally competitive and deeply rooted in the Salettinian spirituality of Reconciliation.

In pursuing this mission, University of La Salette is guided by the following commitments:

  1. It is Christian in its values, committed to a belief in the religious and spiritual as a fundamental dimension of man, and to making available academic, social and liturgical avenues for the free pursuit of Christian faith through a liberal education.
  2. As an academic vehicle for national development, it is committed to foster the student’s awareness and responsive concern for the role of the individual Christian and the Church in the betterment of their immediate society and the nation. It is committed to develop their skills of citizenship and leadership needed in a developing country.
  3. It is committed to the service of the municipality, the province, the region and ultimately the whole nation and the world by making Christian education accessible to deserving and capable students, by making its physical and human resources available to everyone and by promoting cooperative efforts and linkages with other educational institutions and civic organizations.
  4. It is committed to provide an atmosphere of family spirit throbbing with personal presence, availability and challenging experiences that allow people not only to walk together, affirming, supporting, respecting and evoking creative responses and alternative but also to continually grow in intellectual, professional research competencies geared towards the transformation of self, community and society.

Institutional Objectives

In keeping with its philosophy, vision and mission, University of La Salette professes the following Institutional Objectives:

  1. As a Catholic educational institution, it aims to make Christ present in the life of the students, faculty administration and the community it seeks to serve.
  2. It endeavors to produce Christian leaders and mature graduates fully equipped with knowledge, skills and competencies as well as values for community service and nation-building.
  3. It offers a well-integrated, quality education wherein academics pursues dialogue with faith, religious values and issues of justice, peace, freedom and human rights through the service of a dynamic, competent, research-oriented faculty, administration and non-academic personnel.

It strives to provide its faculty and other employees growth opportunities and fair compensation within the context of social justice and Christian values to enable them to serve well and also to encourage them to undertake research and intellectual pursuits for optimum growth and development.

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