University of La Salette Grade School Department

The ULS Grade School Department, initially known as the Child Learning Center, was opened in 1983 as part of La Salette College which is owned and operated by the La Salette Missionaries, Ina ng Pag-asa Province, Philippines. Conceived as a Laboratory School for the College of Education Interns, it started its operation under the leadership of the college president, Fr. Romeo B. Gonzales, MS and Academic Dean, Sr. Teresa Mabasa, D.C. Ph. D. Two years after opening, it received government recognition for formal permit of the Department of Education, Culture and Sports to operate elementary basic education.

Although initially envisioned as a laboratory school, the Child Learning Center soon evolved into a basic education unit of the institution, as approved by the Board of Trustees of the La Salette School System. This was in response to growing need for quality but affordable basic education within Santiago City and its vicinities.

        When the Child Learning Center opened its door in 1983, it had only 133 pupils from grades one to four. This immediately grew to 187 in the following year- when a complete pre-school and basic elementary program was offered. The Grade School population kept growing, reaching its peak of 496 pupils in school year 1997-1998.

        The Grade School is housed in an annex building of the La Salette College. The Grade School consisted of 14 classrooms: a library, an air-conditioned computer room and administrative office. The latest house is the Principal’s Office, the reception area and Grade School Secretary’s work area, the Guidance Office, the Mimeographing Room, Stock Room, Conference Room and a Home Economics Room. A separate canteen that would serve specially the grade school population was constructed beside the Grade School building in 2001. Additional comfort rooms were also built near the Grade School building.

Dr. Gloria Yco, Dean of College of Education, initially headed the Child Learning Center from 1983-1988. Dr. Nelda Tubay took over from 1988 until 2000. Then, a team of administrators was appointed by the Board of Trustees, headed by Dr. Adelaida J. Leaño as the acting principal. The team also consisted of an Academic Coordinator, Mrs. Carmen M. Sabino and a Student Activity Coordinator, Mrs. Marcelina V. Juan.

        After La Salette College acquired its University status in June 1999 and became officially known as University of La Salette, the administration decided to rename the Child Learning Center to emphasize its being the basic education unit of the University system. By school year 2000-2001, the former Child Learning Center became officially known as the University of La Salette Grade School Department.

        Mrs. Marcelina V. Juan headed the University of La Salette being the acting principal in the year 2001-2002 with the full support of the Administration. In the year 2002-2003, Dr. Noemi M. Paz became the principal of the grade school. In the year 2003-2005, Sr. Milagros dela Cruz, SNDS took over. On June 2004, having gathered some feedbacks from the parents and having an assessment of the department, it was transferred to the Old Seminary building of the Missionaries of La Salette near the High School Department in Malvar, Santiago City. Here, standardization of the Department began. The University Administration renovated the area and they made possibilities to construct facilities for quality services to the clienteles. Since then, there was a consistent increase of population. In the year 2005 up to the present the department is headed by Sr. Eumelia M. Quindara, SFIC. Different activities in the grade school were enhanced guided by a curriculum design which is focused on strengthening the Vision-Mission, Philosophy and Objectives’ core values.

The Department desired to be accredited, thus, on the same year, the Faculty and Staff seriously worked on the Self-Survey process. Two years after, in the year 2007, the department applied for the Preliminary Survey and on January 28-29, 2008, the PAASCU (Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities) visited the school. As a result, PAASCU has granted the department candidate status on July 1, 2008.

Lately last November 12 – 13, 2009 the formal visit of The PAASCU took place. As a result of all the goal oriented efforts of the teachers and staff of the academic year 2009 – 2010, the PAASCU has granted a clean status  and has certified the University of La Salette Grade School as Level 1 accredited Elementary School. Further notes included by the PAASCU on the Certificate of Accreditation stated that the Grade School has met the Satisfactory Standards and fulfilled the requirements of the Accrediting Association which was given on May 2010 in Quezon City, Philippines and valid until May 2013

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