College of Nursing

The College of Nursing is an integral part of La Salette Educational system. As a department, it abides and supports the philosophy and objectives of the institution and committed to fulfill its vision and mission.

The College of Nursing is committed to produce nursing professionals who are scientifically informed, socially aware, morally committed, technically competent and spiritually enlightened to preserve, maintain and promote the health of the community. It addresses not only the physio – psychological, mental and spiritual needs of the individual, but also his family, and the community he seeks to serve.

The faculty believes in the philosophy that nursing exemplifies the love to serve others. The nurse applies his/her knowledge and skills to assessing and meeting man`s needs for the promotion and maintenance of health.

The faculty further subscribes that nursing education, be flexible and innovative to prepare the students to perform current and developing roles of the professional nurses.

Specifically, it aims to produce:

  1. Graduates who have acquired the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes for the preservation, promotion, restoration of health and alleviation of sufferings.
  2. Graduates who have acquired leadership qualities, self-discipline and Christian attitudes in the application of nursing skills and theories.
  3. Graduates who have developed caring attitudes, mature personality and optimism to serve man, his family and community.
  4. Graduates who can promote the advancement of nursing knowledge through the application of problem-solving techniques, research studies, continuing education through attendance of seminars, symposia and other undertakings that promote growth; and
  5. Graduates who have acquired appreciation and developed commitment where health educational services are badly needed.     

Program Offerings

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing

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