University Scholarship Grants


Entrance Academic Scholarships


  • High School class valedictorian or salutatorian in a graduating class of not less than 40 members


  • Secure a certification on one’s rank or honors in the graduating class from the high school principal then submit the said certification during enrolment/assessment.


  • 100% tuition fee discount and 50% tuition fee discount for valedictorian and salutatorian, respectively.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Applicable only for the first year curriculum of first two (2) semesters in college.


Performance Academic Scholarship


  • FULL SCHOLAR is a full time student with a minimum academc load of 21 units in the immediately preceding term and must have obtained a general average of 92% with no grade lower than 89% in any subject.
  • HALF SCHOLAR is the same as full scholar except that the general scholastic average should be 90% with no grade lower than 85.


  1. Secure a certified true copy of grades for the immediately preceding semester at the Registrar’ Office.
  2. Fill up te application form (triplicate) for performance scholarship at the Dean’s Office.  Attach your certified true copy of grades from semesteral academic performance and clearance/permit.
  3. Request for an interview with the Dean for his/her endorsement of your application.
  4. Proceed to the Officeof the Vice-President for Academic Affairs and Vice President for finance for his/her interview and approval.  Give the first copy with attachments to the Accounting Office, the second copy to the College Dean and keep one copy for yourself.


  • 100% tuition fee discount and 50% tuition fee discount for full and half scholars, respectively.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Renewable every semester, must maintain the required scholastic average and minimum academic load.




  • A graduate of any high school from the La Salette School System and recommended by the high school principal as less privileged but deserving.


  • Submit to the Accounting Office your certification as a Reconciler scholar during enrolment/assessment.


  • 100% tuition fee discount

Terms and Conditions:

Applicable for eight (8) semesters, with no grades below 80% in any subject and no FDA (failure due to Absences), UD (unofficially dropped) or INC (Incomplete) marks, may be required to render office work for at least two (2) hours daily during the school year.

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