Salettinians Bag Awards at HRAB Annual Competition

Posted by: Christine Joy Itchon Julian, 2013-06-27

ULS BS HRM 2 and BS HRM 3 attended the HRAB (Hotel and Restaurant Association of Baguio) 8th Hotel and Restaurant Tourism Weekend 2011 at Baguio City on August 29 to September 2011.

Kevin Vergara, BSHRM 3 bagged the Silver Medal in the Floral Competition while the team of JB Baccay (BS HRM 4), April Hazel Ching (BS HRM 3), Don Paulo Vallejo (BS HRM 2), Albert Galura (BS GRM 2) and Aisa Lou Valenzuela (BS HRM 2) won the Bronze Medal on the Garden Wedding Reception Stage Decoration (Outdoor) Competition.

Other winners were the Three – Man team of Francis Danglay, Theresa Dungca and Ma. Katrina Santos, BS HRM Juniors who ranked 5th in the Bed making Competition – Free Style Student Division and Alysa Ranos BS HRM 3, who ranked 6th in the Bartending and Mixology Competition. In the Table – Setting (Filipino Style), the tag team duo of RD Gonzaga and Melbie Bongbonga, both HRM Sophomores, landed 5th place.

Kristine Marie Tan (BS HRM 3), Ellen Marie Vidaira (BS HRM 3) and Dan Reene Morales (BS HRM 2) won 8th Place in the Quiz Bee Competition. JB Baccay and Irish Cassandra Yumul of BS HRM 3 took home Certificates from the Focal Lobby Display Competition.

Once more, Baguio – the famous Culinary Capital of the North – partnered with the Hotel and Restaurant association of Baguio in staging the most prestigious 8th Annual Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Weekend. The event provided on opportunity for the 32 contenders from the different Higher Education Institutions and State Universities and Colleges in Luzon, culinary experts and food connoisseurs in the hospitality industry around the country to gather, foster camaraderie and solidarity as well as gain useful knowledge.




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