ULS marks its 15th “ANNIVERSITY”

Posted by: Antonio Narciso III, 2014-07-08

University of La Salette solemnized its 15th anniversary as a university “anniversity” on June 25, 2013, at the New Gymnasium.

The celebration was blessed with a holy mass presided by Rev. Fr. Stevan Munar, M.S. Right after the holy Eucharist, Mr. Benedict Santiago, Dean of the Student Services, and Ms. Maricon Lagayan, Mass Communication Instructor, took over the stage as the masters of ceremony. The emcees led the achievements of the University in the past 15 years, and the a glimpse of the history of the Apparition of our Lady of La Salette. The final part of the program was a basketball friendship match between the ULS faculty and staff and the Northeastern College. For which the ULS team won.

The second part of the anniversity was the departmental acquaintance party held in the afternoon of the same day. As was tradition each department was assigned venues for their own programmed activities. The gathering served as a family day for everyone, especially for the freshmen and transferees; to get to know others to have a fresh start for the school year.

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