ULS –JPIANs ascend in Annual Regional Convention

Posted by: Jhezanne Curammeng, 2013-09-30

The Junior Philippine institute of  of  Accountants -  ULS   chapter  was awarded  as the champion in the over all  Non – Academic Competitions  and First Runner  - up in the over all academic competitions  during  the Annual Regional  (ARC) held at the University  of La Salette , September 26-29,2013.

This  event  aimed to elevate  and show  the culture  of JPIANs  empowered  with  its theme ,         “Celebrating  Cultures ,   the JPIANs  Way …” . It  was spearheaded  by the regional  officers  of National federation  of  Junior  Philippine Institute  of   Accountants  (NFJPIA)    and was  participated  by 14 accredited  local chapters  entire the  region.

The four - day event  started  with a simple orientation  to all of the delegates of the different  contested activities of the convention  as well  as the different  venues where they  will  be held   .The activities  that the ULS – JPIANs  have participated  were  quiz  bees ,sayawit ,  chamber  theater , speech choir ,  extemporaneous  speech , amazing race , debate , case  study , sports ,  and the Mr.  & Ms.  Ambassador off  Good will  which was highlight off  the said convention.

During the convention , ULS – JPIANs  manifested  their  wits  and talents  and bagged most of the major awards.


SGV Cup : First runner - up, Jimwell Bartolome 
Arthur  Sonday Cup : 2nd runner – up, Jimwell  Bartolome  & Diana Manuel
Basic  Accounting  Wizard :  Champion, Arlene  Gaffud       
Deliotte 1 : 1st  runner – up, Regil  Mark  Bayya
Deloitte 2 : Champion, Shaira Anne Bacani  
Case  Study : 1st runner- up, Allen Jade  Inson , Lindon  Ong &  Jojie  Pallaya
Debate : 1st  runner- up, Jacel  Domingo , Lindon  Ong & Jojie  Pallaya       
Best Educator : Champion, Lindon Ong  & 1st runner –up, Farhan  Mateen             


Mr. Ambassador  of Goodwill : Rico  Reyes
Ms. Ambassador of Goodwill : 1st  runner –up, Dimple Palattao   
Chamber  Theater : 1st runner –up 
Speech Choir : 1st runner – up 
Sayawit  : 1st runner –up 
Amazing Race : 1st  runner-up
Basketball: 2nd runner up
Volleyball: Champion
Table Tennis:
1st runner-up (singles-Female), Lara Nympha Ochinang & Meriza Rivera
Champion (single-Male), Raye Gaspar
Champion(Doubles-Female), Lara Nymapha Ochinang & Meriza Rivera
Champion (Doubles-Male),Christain Aquino & Raye Gaspar

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