Enrollment Stables Amidst Economic Crisis

Posted by: Willy V. Gamiz, Jr., 2014-08-08

Despite the economic crisis faced by people today, particularly in Isabela and nearby provinces, the enrolment of both Graduate and Undergraduate programs of the University of La Salette inclined.  As per Office of the Registrar’s record, the total enrolment of the Graduate programs this semester is 1293, up by 0.71% compared to last year’s 1,222. Meanwhile, with the undergraduate programs, the total enrolment is 4,613 against 4,445 from last year gaining 1.68% increase.

The College of Business Administration has the highest population with a total of 1,275, followed by the College of Engineering and Architecture with 817 enrollees. Next in the rank is the College of Medicine and Allied Medical Courses with 793 enrollees then the College of Education with a total of 512 enrollees. With 469 enrollees, the College of Accountancy hailed 6th, followed by the College of Arts and Sciences, College of Information Technology, College of Criminology, College of Nursing, College of Public Health and Midwifery and College of Law with total enrollees of 221, 211, 154, 86, 47 and 28, respectively.

In the Graduate Programs, the Master of Arts in Education Major in Educational Management still has the highest enrollees with a total of 687 and the Master of Arts in Nursing Major in Nursing Service Administration with a total of 144 enrollees.

“I am amazed and felt positivity. It is just a manifestation that people still give importance and priority to Education aside from anything else. Also, it just shows that people believe on the quality and standard of Education that the University of La Salette is giving to the stud entry,” said Dr. Marilyn Gaoat, the University Registrar, after being asked about the increase of enrollment. 

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