Salettinians Observe Nutrition Month 2014

Posted by: Anton Narciso III, 2014-08-12

                With the theme, “Kalamidad paghandaan: Gutom at Malnutrisyon Agapan”, the Student Executive Council (SEC) leads the Nurtition Month celebration last July 30, 2014. The activity aims to encourage Salettinians to be prepared in times of calamities and to increase awareness on hunger issues and malnutrition.

                The said celebration was composed of activities participated by the students. The activities include Poster Making, Slogan, Essay Writing, Quiz Bee, and Cookfest.


                Herewith is the list of the winners:


Poster Making

                1st place:             Neil Dharel Gabi (CBA)

                2nd place:           Krishelyn Santiago (CMAMP)

3rd place:            Dominic Eduard Pamintuan (CEA)


Slogan Making

                1st place:             Jose Marlo Lozada (CBA)

                2nd place:           Marwin Martin

                3rd place:            Krishelyn Santiago (CMAMP)



                1st place:             Marie Angelie Cortina (CAS)

                2nd place:           Shienna Mage Bagnes (CMAMP)

                3rd place:            John Remar Dela Cruz (CON)

                4th place:            Arlene Gaffud (COA)


Quiz Bee

                1st place:             CEA

                2nd place:           CON

                3rd place:            CPHM

                4th place:            CMAMP


Cook Fest

                1st place:             CBA

                2nd place:           CAS

3rd place:            CPHM

4th place:            CMAMP

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