ULS Opens New Gate

Posted by: Francis Chester Pascual, 2017-01-20

The University of La Salette constructed a new gate at the Arranz/Romero Street for students, teachers, and staff. Salettinians started using the newly opened gate last January 16, 2017.

Physical Plant Director Bro. Henry Siat explained that the new gate is for walking only. The hospital gate will remain open for use of private vehicles. “We have come up with this new project for the convenience of everyone, to lessen traffic and for students to have a shorter way in entering the school premises.” Bro. Siat said.

Student boarder Ma. Paola Lou Ginez was delighted of the project. According to her, student boarders can lessen their expenses, save more money and time. For English instructor Jayson Baclig, “it will be easier for everyone especially for students and teachers who have classes at the Miraculous Medal Building.”

Baclig said that the covered walk will be beneficial especially when the weather is bad. It will also provide comfort for instructors who walk daily from the Center for Professional Development Building to the Miraculous Medal Building.”

Aside from the new gate, a covered walk and several bulletin boards were placed there.

Siat is looking forward to having more projects that will make the university more progressive. 

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